Statistical Learning for Sensory and Consumer Science

Prof. Tormod Næs, NOFIMA AS, Norway
Prof. Oliver Tomic, Norwegian University of Life Science, Norway
Prof. Rosaria Romano, Federico II University of Naples, Italy

The course provides a thorough introduction to recent advances in statistical learning applied to sensory and consumer studies. Participants will get an overview of some of the most important statistical methods (principal component analysis, multiple factor analysis, partial least squares regressions, etc.) that can be used for obtaining valuable information from sensory and consumer data. The tutorial will cover theoretical backgrounds, examples, case studies and computer demonstrations. The statistical methods will be implemented using free statistical software (PanelCheck, ConsumerCheck) and commercial software (XLSTAT). All course participants will be entitled to a free XLSTAT software license valid for 6 months. There are no prerequisites for participation. However, a preliminary understanding of principal components analysis (PCA) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) could be advantageous.